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"Learn the Basics of the Faith" from www.seedbed.com/confirmation

Finish the episode with a insightful sermon snippet in "A Bottle of Bill's Wisdom" from our friend Pastor Bill Leach!

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Short Film "Forgotten Hope"


A young woman looking for the next party accidentally overhears a child alluding to sexual abuse. She's disturbed by the casual nature this accusation was dismissed. This brings her own repressed past front and center. Travel with her as she faces her demons to  discover the steps to her FORGOTTEN HOPE.


Find even more hope and help here: www.thinktwicetv.com/hopeandhelp



 "When the Impossible Happens" 



Episode #1 Future Revealed In Dreams


 Episode #2 Soldier Saved From Attack

 Episode #3 Prison Prayer Changes Direction 


 Episode #4 Miracle Healing


Episode #5 Miracle Memories


Episode #6 Dodging Death


Episode #7 Promised Child





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