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Partners & Vendors

Thank you for your interest in giving back at the Lansing Bless Fest. Please see the various positions below and the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) to see what will work for you. You are welcome to serve as long or as short of a time as you would like. Any questions please let us know SIGN UP

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Nonprofit Organizations
Connect one on one with new people in our community.
Online Warehouse Worker
Business & Companies
Boost your public image and make friends in the community.

We want to display the amazing work you are doing at your nonprofit. We can help you get in front of more people!  Interested? SIGN UP




Your business is your baby and we want that baby to grow! Get your "thing" out in front of new people! We do prohibit sales because Bless Fest is a day of giving BUT you can connect with people in lots of ways. I.E. free samples, flyers, displays, collecting e-mail addresses and much more.  Interested? SIGN UP


Churches & Ministries
Share what you do and make connections with the public.
Frequently Asked Questions
Let's put your mind at ease and clear up all the questions.

We believe in the local church and its ministries. We want to help you reach and connect with those in our community.

 Interested? SIGN UP



Cost: FREE we don't charge for you to come be a part of the fest.

Set up: We can offer a 10x10 space for you, table and chairs. Supply is limited so it is best to bring your own if at all possible.

Rules: 1. No sales allowed. Bless Fest is a day of giving.

           2. No politics. Bless Fest is a day of unity.

 Interested? SIGN UP




Sign Up Form

Thank you for giving back please fill out this form and we will send you a confirmation placeholder for you.

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