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2024-Sat. Aug. 24th, 1 PM - 9 PM

 Adado Riverfront Park 8-24-24
300 N. Grand Ave. Lansing MI 48933

1 PM - 9 PM 

The Lansing Bless Fest is a variety music festival. Held at Adado Riverfront Park, Free admission to all concerts, free raffles and free giveaways!  People need a blessing that’s why we are here! Join us for the annual Lansing Bless Fest!

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* Free Food! Grilled burgers and hot dogs! 

* Kids will love our "Kids Fun Zone"! 

* Seating and shade (tents) are provided.

* Free bottled water & snacks.

* Bring some cash to buy band "merch".

* There's lots of instant giveaways. 

* Stick around for our major raffle prizes.

* Free backpack giveaways!

* Sports section, basketball 3 point contest, cornhole!

* Free clothing and shoes from "GAPS Outreach"

* Free books! Find new and gently used books.

* Many more generous nonprofit tents & giveaways.




*To Be Announced!


On designated locations on park grounds.(North & South)

Grand Ave. (free on Sat.)

Nearby streets. (free on Sat.)






2024 Flyers & Posters!

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Bless Fest 2024 Ad.png
Flo-Fest 2024 Ad.png



Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Lansing Bless Fest. Please see the various positions below and the document to the right to see what will work for you. You are welcome to work as long or as short of a time as you would like. Any questions please let us know CONTACT US.

 ****Volunteers please do NOT take part in the free raffles. Thank you.****

Set Up & Tear Down
Moving supplies/setting up tents, tables, etc.

We set up as much as possible Friday starting at 9 AM before the Flo Fest which includes setting up tents, tables and other items. All other set up will occur Saturday morning which includes children’s inflatables, decorations and signs from 9am-10:30am. Take down will begin at 7:30pm and will continue until the event is finished. Interested? CONTACT US




Kitchen Team
Grill food, pass out meals, assist kitchen staff.
Kids Area
Help keep kids safe and having fun!

We need people each to help with the kids games and monitor safety.  Volunteers are welcome to stay as long as desired or rotate on and off. Inflatables and games will be torn down from 6:30pm-7:30pm. At the mother/baby oasis volunteers are needed to help playing toddlers/babies while ministering to Moms. Interested? CONTACT US


Safety first.jpg
Keep an eye on things, help when needed.

This area is a major hub of activity! Morning volunteers are needed at 10am or 2 hours before the festival begins. Shifts can vary in length. You are welcome to multiple shifts. This job includes, fixing plates for patrons, grilling, opening packages, moving trash, running supplies, helping kids/elderly transport their plates, find adequate eating areas, socializing with our guests and making sure they feel welcome. Interested? CONTACT US



Whenever you have lots of people around there needs to be someone to help keep things safe. That’s where you come in.

· Observe the festival patrons with a watchful eye.

· Help child in need of 1st aid, watch for other potential problems)

· Interact with people, answering questions, giving directions.

· Help out when Bless Fest staff could use a hand.

· Offer prayer and witness when appropriate.

 Interested? CONTACT US




Partners & Vendors

Thank you for your interest in giving back at the Lansing Bless Fest. Please see the various positions below and the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) to see what will work for you. You are welcome to serve as long or as short of a time as you would like. Any questions please let us know SIGN UP

Nonprofit Organizations
Connect one on one with new people in our community.

We want to display the amazing work you are doing at your nonprofit. We can help you get in front of more people!  Interested? SIGN UP




Online Warehouse Worker
Business & Companies
Boost your public image and make friends in the community.

Your business is your baby and we want that baby to grow! Get your "thing" out in front of new people! We do prohibit sales because Bless Fest is a day of giving BUT you can connect with people in lots of ways. I.E. free samples, flyers, displays, collecting e-mail addresses and much more.  Interested? SIGN UP


Churches & Ministries
Share what you do and make connections with the public.
Frequently Asked Questions
Let's put your mind at ease and clear up all the questions.

We believe in the local church and its ministries. We want to help you reach and connect with those in our community.

 Interested? SIGN UP



Cost: FREE we don't charge for you to come be a part of the fest.

Set up: We can offer a 10x10 space for you, table and chairs. Supply is limited so it is best to bring your own if at all possible.

Rules: 1. No sales allowed. Bless Fest is a day of giving.

           2. No politics. Bless Fest is a day of unity.

 Interested? SIGN UP




Sign Up Form

Thank you for giving back please fill out this form and we will send you a confirmation placeholder for you.

Birth of the Bless Fest

The Birth of the Lansing Bless Fest

Thank You to our Friends and Partners

Download the Comic
True Story!

"The Birth of The Lansing Bless Fest" This short comic tells how Rev. Rudy Henderson was inspired to start this amazing all free festival.

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