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Discovering The Light of Life.

Jesus said, "He who follows me will not stumble in darkness

but will have the light of life." - John 8:12

Along the coasts of Michigan's Great Lakes there are hundreds of lighthouses. Each structure is different some of them are monuments while others are not so impressive. However each lighthouse was responsible for saving many lives from death and despair. The key of their success was simple, keep the light on.


Like those endangered ships we have all lost our way at times and have forgotten what life is really about. For me it took nearly dying in a drinking accident. For you it may be something less drastic. When I finally read the Bible verse about "stumbling in darkness", I knew Jesus was speaking to me. I knew I needed that "light of life".  

Long story short, I took Him up on His word. It wasn't all over in a flash though. Just like lost sailors striving to follow that small lighthouse, so was my journey to faith. After reading that verse John 8:12 the seeds of faith were planted. Then my faith was watered through my heartfelt prayers and then took root by reading and learning the Bible for myself. As the years have rolled by there have been beautiful times of smooth sailing at dawn and terrible storms of danger and darkness, but the constant in my life has been Jesus the light of life. Guiding and leading me to safer shores. I hope you will find yourself in that light, the light of Christ.  Please download the document "Chrisitan Survival Guide" 


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"When you recognize God as Creator, you will admire Him. When you discover His wisdom, you will learn from Him. When you discover His strength, you will rely on Him. But only when He saves you will you worship Him."

~Max Lucado




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